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The Business for the 21st Century

WealthWave® is a limitless opportunity that has risen out of today’s great storm of financial need. When you help someone change their literacy, you can change their life. WealthWave® financial professionals are positioned to help today’s generations pursue the life and future they want for themselves and their family. It has combined high-tech marketing with high-touch personal care like nothing he’s ever seen before.

Tom is Senior Executive Vice Chairman and one of seven co-founders of World Financial Group® and the founder of WealthWave®. In his almost four decade financial services career he has always been ahead of the times. From starting the first corporate website in the financial industry in 1993 to leading a strike force to make laptop computers mainstream, Tom has always been a pioneer.

Steve has studied and written about entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires for his entire career, over 3 decades. He is to our era what Napoleon Hill was to his. Steve knows success and its secrets, and he has made a decision to join WealthWave®. He’s proud to be a part of this crusade to serve families and expects to help the entrepreneurs that join him to become the next team-made millionaires of WealthWave®.

J.D. built two legendary 7-figure earning businesses at the same time before coming to WealthWave®. J.D. previously was a leader in the networking industry with over 50,000 entrepreneurs on his team and also has over 25 years experience as a financial professional. He sees the strength of WealthWave®. It has the economics of the financial industry combined with the distribution potential and leadership of team-building.

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