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Introduction to WealthWave - Steve Siebold & Tom Mathews

Steve Siebold has studied and written about entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires for his entire career, over 3 decades. He is to our era what Napoleon Hill was to his. Steve knows success and it’s secrets, and he has made a decision. A big decision. He’s decided to start a WealthWave® business.

Tom is Senior Executive Vice Chairman and one of seven co-founders of World Financial Group® and the founder of WealthWave®. In his almost four decade financial services career he has always been ahead of the times. From starting the first corporate website in the financial industry in 1993 to leading a strike force to make laptop computers mainstream, Tom has always been a pioneer.

WealthWave® is a limitless opportunity that has risen out of today’s great storm of financial need. When you help someone change their literacy, you can change their life. WealthWave® financial professionals are positioned to help today’s generations pursue the life and future they want for themselves and their family. It has combined high-tech marketing with high-touch personal care like nothing he’s ever seen before. Steve thinks this system is brilliant.

Steve is excited to begin this new venture. He’s proud to be a part of this crusade to serve families and expects to help the entrepreneurs that join him to become the next team-made millionaires of WealthWave®. He’s going to take everything he has learned about success from the most successful people in the world and mentor his team to the top here. This really is the economics of the financial industry combined with the distribution potential and leadership of team-building.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of Steve’s 2019 business plan, he’s happy to send it to you. Steve can be reached at his new email...

Team Siebold has begun. Success awaits.

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